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How it all began

Zeitwinkel is an independent manufacturer of high-quality watches with own manufactory movements. The brand was started in 2006 by a group of watch enthusiast friends, is still independent and still managed by its founders.

From the beginning, the founders' desire was to build high-quality and honest watches. With this in mind, Zeitwinkel initially developed its own manufacture movements and even its own house typeface.

Only then were the actual watches designed, which are characterized by modern interpretations of timeless classic design. Each Zeitwinkel watch and every movement is hand-assembled by its own watchmakers in the manufactory in Saint-Imier in the Bernese Jura.

Zeitwinkel offers its watch models with a diameter of either 42.5mm or 39mm. All watches feature an elaborately designed stainless steel case and an automatic movement with German silver plates.

At Zeitwinkel, a lot is different

Of course, the watches are the main focus at Zeitwinkel. But what makes the company and therefore the products just as special is not necessarily visible at first glance. It is the passion of the founders and all employees, the unusual philosophy and the traditional manufacturing methods.

At Zeitwinkel, precision parts for the watch movements are of course produced on state-of-the-art machines. In contrast to mass products, however, we do not have to make any compromises with regard to scalability when it comes to the design of components, movements and watches.

On the one hand, this allows us to use independent designs and high-quality materials throughout, such as untreated German silver for our movement plates. On the other hand, this traditional method is not suitable for high production volumes.

Every Zeitwinkel manufacture movement and every Zeitwinkel watch is therefore assembled, regulated and tested by hand. And this also explains why our quantities will always remain limited and why a Zeitwinkel watch will always be an exceptional product.

What does "Zeitwinkel" mean?

The name "Zeitwinkel" – German for “time angle” – is derived from a measure for calculating the "true local time" and is an incentive for us to build watches that are as accurate as possible.

The Zeitwinkel typeface

When we founded Zeitwinkel, we did not only want to build our own manufactory movements. We also wanted to be able to describe them in the best possible way.

So we developed our own registered typeface "Zeitwinkel", which we use in all our communications and even engrave on our movements. Our logo was then derived by inverting the letter "W".