Zeitwinkel 188° MAKS with structured dials

These beautiful Zeitwinkel watches feature three-dimensional, elaborately structured dials and vibrant colors. It took us over two years to perfect the very fine details on the dial surface.

It was well worth the wait: the concentric tapestry of Zeitwinkel logos originating in the small second display creates interesting light effects and bright colors thanks to the nearly twenty layers of lacquer.

All Zeitwinkel MAKS watches have a case diameter of 39mm and a decentral display of seconds, reminiscent of the design of classic pocket watches. In a variation of the usual three-hand configuration, the hands for hours and minutes are supplemented by a harmoniously arranged off-center seconds display.


The relatively large decentral second can only be realized with a movement specially adapted to the size of watch. All versions are powered by our manufacture caliber ZW0102 with German Silver plates, automatic winding and 72 hours power reserve.


Dials and hands

The dials of the MAKS series are unlike anything we have ever created. In the beginning of a three-year process, we designed a very fine tapestry of our Zeitwinkel logo.

Only then did we start to think about how we could actually engrave such a very fine and detailed structure into the dial.

It took us over two years of trials and failed attempts until we finally settled on the most modern laser engraving technology to perfect the dial structure.

Our MAKS dials are available in several vibrant colors. They are applied by hand, with a total of nearly twenty clear and colored layers of lacquer.

Thanks to the combination of the distinct logo structure and the thick lacquer coat, the light is refracted differently from every angle, resulting in beautiful colors and appearances.

As with every other Zeitwinkel watch, the hour and minute hands are precisely matched to the indices. They are diamond-set, i.e. have two straight surfaces that are at an angle to each other. As a result, one side always reflects the incident light, creating a strong contrast with the dial.

These dial colors are currently available:

188° MAKS Bleu Glacier

188° MAKS Bleu Glacier:


The elaborate 3D Zeitwinkel logo tapisserie and nearly 20 layers of hand-applied lacquer let this beautiful glacier blue dial appear elegant and at the same time fresh and colorful.


This is probably the most “business-like” watch among our first four colors, but upon close inspection very playful.


The light blue tone is ideal for combination with a lighter color strap, such as beige or light grey.


188° MAKS Vert de Limón

188° MAKS Vert de Limón:

Aptly named after the color of fresh lime, we immediately had the association a refreshing drink under palm trees in the afternoon sun. Should anybody ask, you can still always say that this is a very serious watch powered by a serious Swiss manufacture movement…

We believe this watch looks best with a light green colored strap, but you might come up with other interesting combinations!


188° MAKS Rouge Lobélie

188° MAKS Rouge Lobélie:


If you like red, you will love this dial color! We resisted the temptation to name it after the obvious pomegranate and went for the much more nuanced lobelia. This powerful dark red dial gives our model 188° MAKS a noble yet dynamic character.

The obvious choice for this model is a burgundy strap, but it also looks great with beige or light grey.



188° MAKS Orange d'Édouard

188° MAKS Orange d'Édouard


This watch will not go unnoticed with its bright orange dial. Probably the most unusual Zeitwinkel dial color to date, it also comes with a story: it is named after a friend and owner of a Zeitwinkel watch. His name is Edward, but we all call him Ted.

Suffering from a rare nervous disease himself, he visited us in Saint-Imier a few years ago on the way back from a trip where he collected donations for other sufferers of said illness. We were joking around about building a watch that matches the color of his car and a few years later, here’s Orange d’Édouard! Needless to say, the first one was earmarked for him.

Our first choice for this watch is a bright orange strap.

The Zeitwinkel caliber ZW0102 is our mechanical manufacture movement with automatic winding. Developed by Zeitwinkel especially for its watches, we manufacture it in small-quantity lots in the Swiss Jura with high precision machinery and meticulous horological diligence.

A robust, accurate, and versatile basic movement that can be equipped either with a sweep or a small second, it also has a comparatively large date display as an option. The running time of the movement is 72 hours.

The ZW 0102 caliber has a diameter of 30.4mm, a total of 257 components, a frequency of 28,800 oscillations, a Glucydur balance, and a robust three-quarter plate that plays a significant role in the mechanical stability of the movement. All plates and bridges are made of German silver, chamfered, and hand-decorated. After thorough quality inspection and five-stage calibration, it is installed into the watch housing by our watchmakers and subjected to a running test that lasts several days.

The casing for our “Midsize” models was developed in precise accordance with in-house caliber ZW0102.

It is constructed of 1.4435 steel alloy which has a high resistance to intercrystalline corrosion and non-oxidized acids, so it is particularly suited for products that are in continuous contact with skin.

To attain the characteristic shaping, each watch case is prefabricated using precision machinery. We then complete the construction primarily by hand. In this process, 26 parts are assembled in more than 80 individual steps.

The interplay of polished surfaces with strikingly structured, precisely worked areas provides every Zeitwinkel watch with its distinctive appearance. With a diameter of 39 mm, the casing has an elegant and well-proportioned appearance. It is water resistant up to a tested pressure of five bar.

We use sapphire glass on both the front and back sides of our timepieces. Sapphire is extremely hard and scratch-resistant and ideally suited for use in high-quality timepieces.

The convex lunette crystal has multiple anti-reflection coatings on the inside so that the hands do not reflect on the interior surface and because a coating on the outside of the crystal could wear down. The case large back glass is flat and equipped with an anti-reflection coating on the inside as well.

As a result, the time can always be easily read even under extreme lighting conditions. Both front crystal and back plate glass are tightly inserted into the casing of the watch, using an elaborate sealing system.

Due to its twelve grooves and its large diameter, the crown is very easy to grip when you set the functions of your watch.  The surface is polished, but is kept matte surrounding the raised Zeitwinkel logo.

Screwed-down crowns are often difficult to handle, so we decided to use a multi-stage sealing system with dual O-rings. Even when the crown is raised, water cannot enter the valuable inner workings of your Zeitwinkel watch.

For our leather straps, only selected skins are processed and refined with with the traditional full-bugg technique. The result is a supple and extremely durable strap available in various colors. For animal welfare reasons, we completely abstain from using reptile leather and replace it by high-quality hand-sewn calfskin.

The exclusive use of vegetable colorants, antiallergic leather as well as caoutchouc-based glues provide for excellent skin friendliness and pleasant wear. Our Zeitwinkel folding clasp is made of antiallergic stainless steel 316L and can easily be opened and closed with one hand, while at the same time being as easily adjustable as a pin buckle.

Zeitwinkel 188° MAKS

manufacturer Zeitwinkel Montres S.A., CH St-Imier
model Zeitwinkel 188° MAKS
functions display of hour, minute and small seconds
running autonomy >72 h
material stainless steel 316 L
height 11.6 mm
diameter 39 mm
glass sapphire, convex & with anti-reflection on interior
back sapphire with anti-reflection on interior
water resistance 5 ATM
crown Ø 6.70 mm, Bi-O-ring seal, 12 grooves
dial elaborate logo structure with hand-applied layers of lacquer
  Appliqués facetted & diamond-worked
  small seconds with concentric circles
hands facetted & diamond-worked, small second polished
leather hand sewn calfskin leather strap with flawless Louisiana alligator structure
  various colors
impulse 18 mm
leather strap folding clasp with Zeitwinkel engraving

manufacture caliber ZW0102

caliber ZW0102
versions decentral second
manufacturer Zeitwinkel Montres S.A., CH St-Imier
functions automatic winding
  small second
  balance stop
  optional date at position "3" with quick date setting
diameter 13½ lines, 30.40 mm
height 5.70 mm
winding rotor, bidirectional winding
running autonomy >72 h
material plates and bridges german silver
bearing jewels 28 – small second version
balance Glucydur
spiral Straumann
frequency (4Hz) 28800 alternations / h
impact resistance Incabloc
adjustment regulation in five positions
decoration screws chamfered and polished
  ¾ plate and balance cock with Geneva Stripes (Côtes de Genève)
  perlage on interior surfaces of plates and bridges
  lining on wheel bridge and rotor
  edges of ¾ plate and bridges chamfered and polished

Prices for our model 188° MAKS

model 188° MAKS
case 39mm
movement ZW0102
price in CHF incl. VAT 14,500
price in CHF w/o VAT 13,414

All prices ex manufacture in Saint-Imier / Switzerland in Swiss Francs (CHF) including 8.1% VAT. Recommended retail prices, all prices are subject to change without notice. Please contact us regarding options for dials and straps as well as current delivery times. We will gladly calculate the up-to-date price in EUR with the applicable VAT for customers in the EU.

We will be happy to answer any questions you may have about our model 188° MAKS.

If you would like to order one of these watches, please let us know the dial color and strap choice.


Please let us know which dial variant you are interested in and how we can help you: