Zeitwinkel watch 273° Saphir in the manufacture in Saint-Imier, Switzerland



Why a manufacture watch?

Manufacture watches are usually produced by small, independent watch brands in small quantities and with a high degree of manual labor. But why should a watch enthusiast purchase such a timepiece instead of trusting in the appeal of a well-known brand?

The reasons are always individual, but customers cite two recurring basic considerations:

A question of personality...

In the search for an ideal timepiece, it is not easy to keep an overview of the brands on offer. Small manufactories often concentrate so much on the product that they are not easily found. When it happens nevertheless, the joy of watch lovers is all the greater as curiosity and appreciation pay off.

Ideally, a manufactory watch fits the customer perfectly, like a tailor-made suit or a favorite dress.

In this way, it becomes an expression of its owner’s personality. Depending on the situation, this can of course also be achieved with a watch without an inhouse caliber. However, many watch lovers soon find themselves off the beaten track, where the latest trends or owning the same watch as the person at the next table are not important.



watchmaker in the Zeitwinkel manufacture in Saint-Imier, Switzerland

...and a question of philosophy

Is a watch from industrial or handcrafted production preferable? Both can be great products that show the time very well. However, with manufacture watches, horological ideals usually prevail over commercial considerations.

While the development of "corporate watches" is primarily based on identical parts from the construction kits of other corporate brands, automation and cost optimization, small manufactories rarely compromise on the product. This may seem absurd from an economic point of view, but it leads to new, creative solutions and decorations on movement parts that the owner will probably never see.

One could say that manufactory watches have a much more "soul". In return, the owner has to accept that the brand is usually less well known and therefore less prestigious.

One of our first customers summed it up particularly well:

"I'd rather pay for the product than the marketing."