Zeitwinkel manufacture for watches in Saint-Imier, Switzerland


The Zeitwinkel manufacture

Created by hand

By the standards of the modern watch industry, Zeitwinkel has considerable potential for cutting manufacturing costs. That’s because we still work in the same way as watchmakers did many generations ago. The focus is not on meeting cost points or on following a process designed for mass production, but rather on our watches and the art of watchmaking.

Of course, we also use modern machines to achieve the highest possible precision in the production of important movement components.

But at the same time we also work on almost antique equipment and even manufacture some components by hand. We purchase components that we do not manufacture ourselves from suppliers in the region, which means that we can completely do without the "naturalization" of Asian components through refinishing.

Instead of production machines, assembly robots and conveyor belts for components, our manufacture is thus defined by passion for traditional craftsmanship.


precision right from the beginning

Components manufactured externally according to our specifications are carefully checked first. In the next step, all plates and bridges are angled and elaborately decorated. In the process, even those components that hardly any customer will ever see receive a high-quality decoration.


Zeitwinkel accepts no compromises here either and continues to use e.g. "traditional" perlage patterns. This does not entail the expansion of the now common practice of spacing the circles further apart, even if this means more time and effort.

attention to detail

Every Zeitwinkel watch is only completed on advance order and the passion of our watchmakers extends even to seemingly mundane tasks such as setting the rubies.

With the same care, a single watchmaker takes care of the completion of each movement until the "first heartbeat", the first oscillation of the balance spring. This ensures that all components harmonize perfectly with each other.


Even seemingly simple components can be complex on closer inspection. Like the rotor of our self-winding mechanism which consists of 16 parts and is also assembled by hand.

masterful completion

Usually the same watchmaker who assembled the movement also finishes the watch with the dial, hands and case.


Finally, each individual Zeitwinkel timepiece is regulated by our watchmakers in five positions and subjected to a precision test lasting several days. Only then do we send it off to a customer who is already eagerly waiting for it.